January 26, 2016

Read Daniel 2

In Daniel 2, the king demanded an impossible feat of the wise men in Babylon. He commanded his magicians, sorcerers and astrologers to tell him both the dream he had and its interpretation. If no one could tell him the dream and its meaning, he said, all of them would face death. Like the others, Daniel knew that no man could do what the king asked, but Daniel also knew that God could reveal all things. He prayed that God would allow him to know the dream and its interpretation. That night, God gave Daniel a vision of both the dream and its meaning. Daniel was able to tell the king and spare the lives of all the wise men.
Today, it isn’t likely that anyone will demand that we tell them their dream and interpret it or be put to death. But, we have been given a vision. We know through the Bible of God’s plan for a fallen world. We know how the story ends. As Christians, our future is secure and we will one day spend eternity in heaven. But what about everyone else?
Daniel had to share the vision he had been given in order for lives to be spared. We, too, need to share the vision we have been given so that others can find new life in Jesus. It takes a confident faith in the midst of our crazy world to point others to Jesus, but sharing God’s plan for eternity will save their lives.

Beginning 2016 with Prayer

Let me love truth. 

The Belt of Truth - Lord, I put on the belt of truth. I choose a lifestyle of honesty and integrity. Show me the truths I so desperately need today. Expose the lies that I am not even aware that I believe.