January 21, 2016

Read Nehemiah 2 

In the midst of the Presidential election, Christians are seeking  an individual who will lead our country according to our founding principals based on God’s word.  Nehemiah exhibits the leadership traits of a man following God’s heart and serves as an example for each of us.

As a leader, Nehemiah prayed first.  He prayed for four months and waited patiently for an opportunity to speak to the King. When the moment arrived, Nehemiah realized he needed the king’s approval  to proceed with God’s plan.  He chose his words carefully, to keep the communication open.   
Through devotion and prayer, he was confident of God’s plan.  Once he set his goal, he established steps to achieve it, not allowing obstacles to stand in the way.  When God provides a vision, he expects leaders to follow through with his vision.   Our faith will carry us through the obstacles and doubts, but we must establish a plan.  
A few weeks ago, many of us set “New Year’s Resolutions”, but did we establish steps to be successful?  Have you met an obstacle?  Were you able to persevere?  
In what appeared to be an impossible task, Nehemiah exhibited God’s plan of leadership.  These principals can be exhibited not only with our President, but also as parents, employees and employers. Seek. Pray. Be Patient. Set a Goal. Make a plan, and follow through with God’s plan.

Beginning 2016 with Prayer

Miracle 5: Walking on Water – Overcoming Despair

Read John 6
Just as the Lord was with the disciples in the middle of the storm, He is present with you in your trials and tribulations. 
Pray God help you see Him in your storm and keep your eyes on Jesus. As long as Peter focused on Jesus he was able to stay above water but when he began to focus on the wind and waves, he began to sink. Ask God to help you keep your focus on Him and not the problems and issues that surround you. Remember the problem solver is bigger than the problem.