January 2, 2017

A disciple is someone who enjoys Jesus, becomes like Jesus, and walks with others to faith in Jesus. For GBCAdvance, we want to strive together to become faithful disciples and fruitful disciple-makers. This week, as we focus on the topic of discipling, we will let the story of Joseph (Genesis 37–50) encourage us in our walks with God. Tomorrow, you will read Genesis 37. Today, ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I currently experiencing in my life?
  • Am I in a low season or a high season?
  • How might the circumstances and details of my life be contributing to a much bigger picture that God is painting?

While not perfect, Joseph was a faithful follower of God. Over the course of his life, he endured lows and highs—extreme lows and highs! His life was also used very intentionally by God to carry out His plans of redemption for His people. One of our hopes is that you will realize the same for your life! You may be in a low period right now. Or you may be riding high. Through all of it, however, God wants you to sense how He is using your life to play a role in the plans of redemption He is carrying out through His Son, by His Spirit, for His Glory.


Dear Lord, thank you for using my life to play a role in the plans You have to redeem Your people. Whatever I have going on in life right now—the good and the bad, easy and hard—help me to view all my circumstances in the light of Your gospel purposes. This week, use the story of Joseph’s life to inform and encourage me as a faithful disciple. When I am dragging low, help me to look up and see You are there with me. When I am soaring high, help me to stay humble and grounded in Your plans.

In Jesus’ name,