January 13, 2017

Read: Luke 14:12-14

Have you ever been that last one standing?  Everyone else had been picked for the team or gotten a seat at the table but for one reason or another, there wasn’t a spot for you.  Whatever the cause, it’s a rough feeling.

There are many around us who often feel like the one, “left out” or that there isn’t a place for them.  Sometimes it’s a perception and sometimes it’s a reality. As a body we must be intentional to make sure we are inviting of those who are different than us or have different needs than we do.  It’s often not intentional that we neglect or leave them out or fail to take them into consideration.  But scripture calls us to love the “poor, lame, maimed and blind.” 


Dear Lord,

As our body works to care for those with special needs, give us a heart to love them as You do.  Give us the creativity for how to “invite them to the table” and help them find their place within our family of families. Raise up leaders to shepherd this important ministry.

In Jesus’ name,