January 12, 2017

Read: Genesis 18:2-5

How many times have you walked into a room as the new one or the uninitiated?  You’re in an unfamiliar environment and don’t know the culture or the way things are done.  You look around and hope that each step is somewhat in the right direction or that you don’t do something that draws attention to yourself.

In Genesis we see Abram going to great lengths to be hospitable to some guests.  I’m not sure when he realized the importance of his guests, but from the very beginning, he made it highly clear that he is the one that was honored by their visit.

As we move forward as a body that is drawing in our community, how can we show our guests this kind of reception?  What can you do to make those around you who are new to our family or visiting feel that we are truly honored that they are there?  You can make a difference!


Dear Lord,
Give me eyes to see those around me that may be new or visiting at GBC.  Give me a heart of hospitality that will make them feel welcomed and loved.  May the hospitality they see be a reflection of Your love.  Let them know that we are Yours by our love.
In Jesus’ name,