January 11, 2017

Read: Matthew 25:31-46

Have you ever been in a totally helpless state?  It may have been a long time, but we all have at one point or another.  When we’re not there, it’s easy to forget what a feeling it is to depend on someone for everything.  It’s in those moments that we become grateful in a new and fresh way. It’s easy to be less thankful for something we could have done for ourselves.

Think about your salvation story.  You were helplessly lost and could do nothing about it.  But God reached out and sent Christ to make peace with Him on your behalf.  We cannot forget that grace.  It is that grace that drives us to be conduits of grace to others.  We can’t save them, but we can be a cup of cold water to them.  We can be physical representations of God’s love when others are in physically helpless states.


Dear Lord,

As our church family strives to be more faithful to care for the helpless, give us Your heart for them.  Remind me of Your great love.  May Your love overwhelm me so that Your compassion flows through me and to others.

In Jesus’ name,