January 10, 2017

Read: Exodus 18:13-26

When was the last time you made a wrong turn?  You were going on your merry-ole-way and without realizing it, you zigged when you should have zagged and all of the sudden, you’re lost. Maps are an amazing thing when you can figure out where you are and plot a course to where you need to go.  Without one, you can end up wondering around aimlessly wasting time and effort.

When it comes to growing as a leader, GBC is developing a clear pathway that helps identify where you are, where you are going, and how to get there.  Whether you are leading only yourself or leading leaders, it is important to mature in that capacity and look toward what the Lord may have next.  Begin praying for our development process.


Dear Lord,

Just as your people in the desert needed many leaders, all leading the same direction, to advance together, Your body at GBC needs the same.  Help us identify, equip, and mobilize leaders whose focus is to pursue what You have for GBC in the days ahead.  Give us wisdom as we develop a pathway to see those leaders further built up and honed to be more and more useful for you.

In Jesus’ name,