February 28, 2017

Read Matthew 8:23-27

Remember that time when it felt like we were careening through the dark at break neck speed with strangers screaming all around us and lights were flashing with alarms blaring? And, we were laughing. At least I was laughing. You do if you’ve ever ridden Space Mountain at Disney World.  I love it. But that is only because I have a lot of faith in the Disney Company and their Imagineers to keep me safe. However, yesterday I had a woman cause me to test my anti-lock brakes and I was not laughing at all. On a rollercoaster, I expect to feel out of control but cling to the thought that it only feels that way. On the road, feeling out of control can be unnerving.

This account of Jesus calming the storm indicates that He did so to calm the nerves of His disciples of little faith. Instead of following Jesus’ example and deciding this would be a good time to catch up on some much needed rest in the safety of this boat alongside the Lord, they chose instead to focus on what was going on outside of the boat. How many times have you tossed and turned upon your bed over worries that never came to pass? Listen and take heed to the example of your Savior. The God with infinite imagination can keep you safe through the storm.  We can handle the rollercoasters of life when we have faith in the One who created them.