February 24, 2017

Read: John 3:16
It meant a lot to me then, all those years ago.  I was young, and the promise of everlasting life was what drew me to Jesus.  I accepted that promise by faith and began a life-long journey with the One who made it.

As the years went by, the promise became more precious.  My Father died after a long struggle with ALS, which left him totally paralyzed, trapped in his own body, before he died.  I looked forward by faith to everlasting life when I would see him again.

A special friend died.  We had been buddies since 1st grade, and enjoyed the kind of friendship that comes only once or twice in a lifetime.  I still wish I could spend time with her again, so I happily anticipate everlasting life which she also possesses through faith in Christ.

One by one my step-father, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and several cousins died.  Almost all of my extended family have preceded me to that place of eternal life.  Several of them were instrumental in bringing me to Christ.

Then my son died, and the yearning to see him again is still deep and lasting after many years.  But he too possessed everlasting life through Jesus!  Now I eagerly anticipate that future existence more than ever!  I am so glad I said “yes” to Jesus when I heard about His great promise!