February 21, 2017

Read John 11:20-27

How can we live, if we die?  Jesus said, “I am the life.” What did He mean?

Jesus’ conversation with Martha shows a contrast of confidence.  Martha questions what might have been had Jesus arrived before the death of her brother Lazarus. We see her faith in Jesus, but we also see the limits of her faith.  Her faith was strong enough to know that Lazarus would rise in the end, but not bold enough to ask him to do it right then and there.

In our relationship with Jesus, we need to be bold and confident. We must be bold to call on Him in our daily lives to guide and direct us.  We can boldly approach Him to pray specifically for our needs, His will for us, and His peace and comfort. We need to be confident that He will hear our prayers and answer them according to His will and timing. We need to be confident that as we walk in this life, He is in control, and when we die those who belong to Him will live forever in His arms.