February 20, 2017

Read Romans 8:2-3

We recently had a plumbing “issue” at our house.  I noticed one of our bathtubs wasn’t draining properly so I cleared it with Draino.  Then one day the toilet backed up, so we plunged, and plunged, and plunged, but the water started coming up through our tub.  Then we called a plumber and even he couldn’t clear the pipe and had to call the city!  Obviously this was a problem that was too big for us to fix!

Paul reminds us in his letter to the Romans that we also have a sin problem that is too big for “us” to fix. Paul writes in Romans 8:3 that the “law was powerless…because it was weakened by the flesh,” but God fixed this by sending His son Jesus to be an offering for our sin. 

We are all weakened by our flesh. We are completely dependent on salvation through Jesus Christ.  If salvation was available to us through any other way then there was no reason for God to send Jesus.  Fortunately, God sent His Son to fix our problem.