December 30, 2015

Read Luke 4:18-19

I placed my Christmas cards in the mailbox the first week of December, feeling so smug because I was way ahead of schedule this year. I had not only purchased most of the gifts on my list, but most were even already wrapped – I was edging past smug, closing in on euphoria. Then it hit, just as it does every December! I came down with bronchitis. 

For the next week, I not only felt physically ill, I felt spiritually in the proverbial dumps. What about the shopping I still had to get done? Who was going to take care of that? That was my job and certainly nobody else could do it, they wouldn’t know what to buy. Isn’t it amazing just how self-important we can make ourselves? As I lay in bed, fluctuating between feeling sorry for myself while reminding myself how Christmas would be a flop if I didn’t get my shopping completed, the song “Heaven’s Child” was playing on the radio. 

All of a sudden I realized I had forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. I was so wrapped up in sending cards and buying gifts (not bad things) that I was missing out on the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Just think! We are about to celebrate the birthday of Heaven’s Child! As we gather with family and friends this week, let us all remember that we are gathered in love and celebration of the birth of Jesus.