December 28, 2015

Read John 12:24-36

A few days before Christ's wondrous work on the cross, He said, "My soul is troubled...yet this is what I came to do. Glorify Your Name." Though Christ was soon to experience agonizing pain, I believe the main reason His soul was troubled was because He was soon to become sin, which meant separation from God; yet, this is why He came - to glorify God in that pain. Christ came to show us how to live and die with the mindset that God is worthy of praise, honor, worship, and surrender, even in the hardest places in life. Truly He must be glorious if Jesus could submit to that part of the Father's plan. 

In today’s world, we see death, disease, financial distress, and unfaithfulness plague us every single day. This past month, three close families have buried loved ones, a child has rebelled, a husband has left. So how can we model Christ, Who submitted to the Father's plan? In His love for those who were different, who mistreated Him, and who betrayed Him, we see His goodness and grace for the undeserving. We also see His mercy and compassion for the lost, the sick, and the sinner. Again, He glorified God by choosing to model God's attributes at all times. 

Certainly, we pray for circumstances to change, yet we also see how Jesus prayed that God be glorified through His life. One writer has said, "We can be content and even have joy, because in the suffering and in those unanswered questions, we show the world He is enough. And the world is amazed at our great and glorious God!"