December 24, 2015

Read Luke 4:18-19

"Eight ... Nine ...Ten!  Ready or not, here I come!" Who doesn't love a good game of Hide 'n' Seek?

As a child, I preferred well-lit, easy-access hiding places. I would hide for what I judged to be a sufficient amount of time, then sneak out of my hiding place and race for "home base."

Unfortunately, as an adult, I have picked some doozies of hiding places that have been incredibly difficult from which to free myself. Innocently, I have chosen secluded hiding places (new cities, new jobs, habits), only to find myself in the "far country," separated from friends and family that God had divinely placed in my life. My hiding place had become very dark and confining. There was no way to get out, much less race to "home base,” on my own. I was trapped in my hiding place. 

But, praise Jesus, He is a master at Hide 'n' Seek. When Jesus is "It" ... and let's be honest, He's always "It" ... He can find and free anyone, anywhere, anytime!