December 22, 2015

Read Habakkuk 3

We were in New York City recently and visited Ground Zero. We were fascinated by the presentation of the event in the museum.  Visiting the area and museum brought back strong memories of the of that moment when our world stood still.

Stop for a moment and remember where you were when you received the tragic news of that horrible event.  I was at church, in a meeting, when we were interrupted by the secretary to tell us what was happening.

My wife was at home, listening to the television, and suddenlyremembered that our son was in New York on business. The tragic news brought on dramatic moments of anxiety, thinking our son may have been caught up in the middle ofsituation.   Fortunately he was not in New York City. He had previously rented a car and was able to drive back home safely to Ohio.  He said he felt led to drive directly to church only to find the parking lot filled and the sanctuary filled to capacity with an anxious congregation. 

Habakkuk sings his prayer, in these verses, remembering the calamities of old. Sometimes it takes dramatic measures to get our attention, to remind us that God is still in control, especially in this “crazy world” around us.

As Habakkuk recalls moments of great need in the life of God’s people, he ends his prayer reminding us that in times of difficulty- only in God are we to place our trust.