December 21, 2015

Read Habakkuk 3
When did common sense become so uncommon? Stricter gun control laws will stop terrorists from attacking. Praying with your team will cost you your job. We must eliminate the nativity from a school program, but students are required to be able to defend Islam. What a crazy, mixed-up world!
It’s becoming more and more apparent that this is not my home. I’m feeling more and more like a stranger and an alien. Whatever the enemy intends, it makes me long for my real home. 
Meanwhile, it’s so comforting to know that my God is still in control, ruling from His throne. He has a plan. Everything will work out just as He has determined. All this turmoil is temporary. Knowing that the eternal is waiting makes me zealous to take as many with me as possible. So, I will continue to draw strength from Him, plant seeds at every opportunity, water fledglings, and, maybe, get to be there for the harvest.
On second thought, “What a wonderful world!”