December 18, 2015

Read Luke 4:18-19

These days, it seems my glasses must always be within reach. Before my feet touch the floor in the morning, my glasses are in place. Not seeing well has been rather unexpected. It happened so gradually that I did not take note until, suddenly, there was so much I could not see. Gradually works that way. The slower things go the faster they happen.  Often this results in good surprises - flowers that pop open, young men with pant legs at their ankles and stubble on their chins, and alarm clocks that announce an already sunlit day.  Other times, you find yourself wondering when that crease on your husband's face appeared, or what your natural hair color actually is. Gradual changes are startling. Paul speaks of two types of gradual change in Romans, conformation and transformation. It seems change is not a choice.  We will either conform or transform, but we will change.

Jesus announced His appointment to restore sight to the blind. Restoration implies repairing what is worn or broken.  It is the reconditioning of something that changed from its original state.  Jesus restored physical sight, and He even gave sight to one born blind; but, is that all this passage proclaims? Is it possible that life on earth is blinding? That we must constantly have our sight restored in order to recognize Jesus and see His kingdom? Jesus came that we would not find ourselves surprised and groping in darkness from years of dimming vision, but that our vision would be fully restored, and we would gradually see His kingdom suddenly burst forth.