December 16, 2015

Read Luke 4:18-19

Jesus read this passage from Isaiah 61 when He went to the synagogue in His hometown on the sabbath. This passage, that was written around 700 years earlier, spelled out our Lord’s purpose for being on earth in human flesh. Isn't it amazing how, when He first spoke these words, it was received in a positive way, but quickly changed further into the text. The people in the community who knew the first thirty years of Jesus’ life saw Him as a human and did not want to accept His deity and purpose. The real Jesus had a purpose on the earth.The people in the synagogue did not want to receive it, and it actually made them angry when Jesus pointed it out. They were blind to their condition before a Holy God.
Maybe the community had humanized Jesus a little too much since they watched Him grow up. America has done that. Jesus and the gospel has been around so much that He has been humanized. His deity and gospel message have been reduced away. I see in the passage of Luke 4:18 that Jesus came with the gospel for prisoners, for the blind, and for the oppressed. If a person doesn't realize they are in this exact predicament, a prisoner to sin who is oppressed and blind to the truth of eternity, they won’t see who Jesus really is. Just like the people of Nazareth. 

Who do you say that Jesus is?