December 15, 2015

Read John 1:5

Have you ever taken a night hike?  In junior high school, my class hiked around a lake in the dead of night. We walked for over a mile in almost total darkness.  We heard coyotes,  small animals running over leaves, fish and frogs jumping in the lake.  As a child I was never really afraid of the dark, but that night I was nervous.  What if a coyote attacked? What if some crazy serial killer came running at us out of nowhere? 

Darkness can be intimidating. The fear of the unseen and unknown sometimes trumps our common sense. Darkness is mentioned over 150 times in scripture. Sometimes it simply means the physical absence of light, but often it is used as a metaphor for those living in sin who are lost in the world, taking part in evil, struggling to find their way, and living apart from God.  

It is easy to look around our world and see pain, suffering, senseless disregard for life.  We see an ever growing number of lost who have turned their backs on God. Darkness has been present since the time Adam and Eve left the Garden.  Even in our country's brief history, we can point to various wars, the Great Depression, the cold war/missile crisis, and acts of terrorism as times of darkness and uncertainty, but through it all God has been there.  No matter how dark things seem in our lives today, there is no darkness that cannot be overcome.  Jesus is the light of the world. Let us, as Christians, share this light wherever we go. "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5