December 1, 2016

Read Colossians 3:15-16; 4:2
Psst, want to hear a secret? My favorite thing about my husband is that he is trustworthy. To a young reader that probably does not sound very romantic. By being married to someone who is trustworthy, I am given the freedom to enjoy him without question. The faithfulness that was there when we got married has been deepened over the years and has perhaps gained quality, but it is the same stuff. It has been cultivated through years of trial and triumph, and has now resulted in this wonderful overflowing trust. I can be confident in my devotion, and that is very romantic. However, the confidence that I enjoy is not a license to be complacent. Just as a well-tended garden only takes a season to return to weeds, neglect has the power to destroy.
While my husband, nor any other, would equal Christ, I can understand some of Christ’s desires for my relationship with Him, because of my understanding of my relationship with my husband. The trustworthiness that I value in him has more to do with him than it does me or even our marriage. I could die tomorrow and he would still be trustworthy. I did not cultivate this. It was my faithfulness and ability to believe that was cultivated and, as a result, I am at peace. Just as in marriage, when I am thankful Christ called me to be joined with His body and I bask in His presence, savoring His words and speaking well of Him to others, I enjoy Him deeply. I can be unrestricted in my devotion, fully at peace that He is trustworthy. That is the greatest romance of all.