August 5, 2015

Brokenness never negotiates, never manipulates; brokenness surrenders.Think on this. We will resist surrendering to God because we have not been broken. Surrender is a fact of life. It can be forced or voluntary. Many people think submission to the Savior is a weakness rather than a right response of fallen men to a holy God. So, He must help us surrender to Him. This means our pride and self-sufficiency must be broken, our love of sin and self must be broken, and our love of pleasure and possessions must be broken. In truth, everything that is NOT of Christ, must be broken. 

Brokenness is not weakness. It is the coming to the end of one's self. Jesus said that the broken man is truly a blessed man. (Matthew 5:3) The broken man is quick to repent. He rushes to God and admits his sin. 

Brokenness produces true humility. Until our pride is broken, we will not humble ourselves before God or men. Until God breaks your will, He will never use you. 

Has God broken you? Is He using you? Brokenness is the road to revival. The tears of brokenness are the prelude to showers of blessing.