August 3, 2015

Read Jonah 3:5-10 – The City

Nineveh was a wicked city. That’s what made Jonah willing to run away to avoid going there. But God loved the people of Nineveh. He loved them enough that He didn’t let Jonah off the hook. God made sure that He had Jonah’s attention, and then He sent Jonah again.

And you know what happened when Jonah proclaimed God’s message? The people repented. From the smallest to the greatest, from the beggar on the street to the king in his palace, the people humbled themselves and turned from their wicked ways. Even the animals were made to fast and wear sackcloth. They all begged God for mercy, and God heard them. God had compassion on them, and they were saved from destruction.

Some may say that we live in a wicked city. Perhaps we do, but does that mean we are free to give up on those who are wicked? Or should we, like Jonah, proclaim God’s Word to a lost and dying world? The people of Nineveh needed someone to proclaim God’s message before they could repent. They didn’t know of God’s plan for mercy until someone told them.

It’s time for us to tell our city. Are you willing to be obedient and proclaim God’s message?

Let’s go tell someone . . .