August 24, 2016

Read 1Peter 2:9-10

Everyone wants to belong!  As our pastor stated recently “identity really matters to each one of us.” 
I recently saw an advertisement on TV that says, “you can know your DNA for as little as $99.00.”    For one thing, I’m sure I have German blood flowing through my veins, because my last name in as German as sauerkraut.  I also have Dupuytren’s disease in my right hand (commonly called “Viking disease”), which indicates I may also have Scandinavian blood flowing in there somewhere. 
Growing up with one foot in one world and one foot in the other, our youngest child - with duel citizenship, had to decide at 18, where she wanted to belong. Three of our children married missionary kids, and as a result, feel comfortable having mates that also grew up in a different culture.  We all feel more comfortable being around people of common interests and purpose. Isn’t it wonderful though, that as children of God, we know who we are and where we belong. 
Our “spiritual identity” is secure in Jesus. First of all, we are His “Chosen.” Eugene Peterson in his translation of the Bible says, “You are chosen by God ... from nothing to something, from rejection to accepted.”  As a “royal priesthood” we have direct access to the Father. We are distinct and separate from the world. “We are a “family of disciples striving to live and love like Jesus.”