August 18, 2016

Read Matthew 25:1-13
OLDEST CHILD: I make the rules.
MIDDLE CHILD: I am the reason we have rules.
YOUNGEST CHILD: The rules don’t apply to me.
Cute, huh? True, maybe. I am the youngest child, and I still tend to believe this. A few minutes late for curfew, a few dollars overdrawn at the bank, a few days late turning in an assignment, all meant a few more gray hairs for my dad. My intentions were always good. I think I just lived in a constant state of distraction. Hopefully, as a new creation, I’ve left a lot of these behaviors behind me, but the flesh still creeps in from time to time. Eventually, life teaches you there are rules, and you can be too late. The oil change you have been meaning to get results in major money. The deadline passes for your scholarship, so you’re out. The job opportunity you meant to check on is filled by someone else. You are forced to understand the meaning of too late.
The business of today is to prepare for tomorrow. This is something I have tried to keep in the forefront of my mind. Scripture reminds us, “do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” It took me a long time to realize the reason tomorrow will care for itself is because of the things we do today. The time we are given for preparation is precious.
In this parable of the Bridegroom, notice He doesn’t do anything besides just show up. The five foolish ones failed not only to prepare properly, they failed to heed the call. They were told to come; yet, they did not. They were distracted by their lack of preparation. Whether they did not hear properly, did not understand the urgency of the call, or, could not find their way in the dark, it does not really matter. They were unprepared to answer His call.
When Christ calls His people, only His people will come. Those who are not His simply won’t be prepared to come. Afterward is too late.