August 18, 2015

Do you remember what it was like in school to get surreptitiously passed note from that special person you had a crush on?  You’d try to be nonchalant about it, but your heart rate went up and you just couldn’t wait to get a peek at what the note had hidden inside.  You just had to read that letter!

When was the last time you had that same kind of excitement when you picked up God’s love letter to you?  When did your heart last skip a beat to hear His words of wisdom for your life? 

I had one first grader, a little boy, whose grandmother brought him to VBS. (They do not go to our church. None of my 20 kids went to GBC.) On the second day at drop off, the grandmother told one of my teachers that he was so excited and wanted a Bible. She said they had to go to Lifeway Monday night to get him a Bible, because he had to have one. He brought it every day after that. :)

Pray that you too would have that enthusiasm and excitement for God’s Word.