August 16, 2016

Read Romans 12
There is an old adage that goes something like “choose a job you like, and it really isn’t work” and, I think spiritual gifts may be something like that. 
For a long time, I struggled with what I believed my spiritual gifts to be and what my spiritual gifts really are. Having been a Christian for many years, I knew that I should be serving in some capacity, but just what capacity? I went on several foreign mission trips, and while each one brought a special blessing into my life, I still struggled with just what my spiritual gift or gifts might be. I tried volunteering in the pre-school and nursery areas on Sunday mornings.  I’m a parent and grandparent. I thought, how hard can this be? If they are not your little darlings, it can be very hard, regardless of how much you like children.
You cannot begin to envision my excitement when we were asked to fill out a questionnaire that would help determine our spiritual gifts. Finally, I was going to know exactly where I should “bestow” my spiritual gifts. 
I filled out the questionnaire carefully, and by carefully, I mean I read those questions and descriptions over and over before I checked the boxes. I was absolutely certain my gift(s) were going to be in the areas of leadership and administration – I’m a business owner, of course, these are my gifts. So, imagine my surprise that my spiritual gifts are service, exhortation, and prophecy – the very things I was already doing and enjoying, but never thought of in terms of spiritual gifts! Guess that old adage is true!

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