August 1, 2017

Read Luke 11:28

Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.

I'm a list maker, an agenda setter, and I get way too much satisfaction when I check off my accomplishments at the end of the day. To earn those checkmarks I often hurry through the grocery, the gym or wherever, not taking time to give more than a quick "Hi!" to acquaintances nor to get to know the nameless people I see on a regular basis.
What would it look like to be receptive to God's agenda, to be quick to shift gears and reprioritize how I do the day? After all, living out the Gospel almost never fits into a neat block in our journal, and it's rarely grandiose and dramatic. Instead it’s recognizing His urgings in the mundane things of life and making the necessary adjustments to follow His lead. What happens when we do that is faith building and sometimes downright amazing.
I texted a friend recently who is struggling through a devastating loss. (Of course I texted because real words take a real investment.) She responded with "Can you talk?" I knew what God wanted me to do, no question. I drove to her house where I was able to listen and share how faithfully God walked with me through a similar situation.
What's so amazing you ask? God is! He reminded me again that He never wastes the trials and sorrows He allows in our lives, but gives them deep meaning as we reveal His character and love to others.
I’m learning to adjust to His agenda rather than mine more everyday. In the process, I’m seeing God turn ordinary moments into holy ones.