April 8, 2016

Read Hebrews 10:24-25

The subject of the new sermon series is engaging in its simplicity. It is not a profound theological teaching I have never considered.  But being a little under the weather, I had told myself I would stay home & rest Sunday morning.  Then the phone rang & my granddaughter said," Grandma, may I spend the night with you and go to Sunday School with you tomorrow?" At once, I recognized her request as an answer to a prayer I had voiced earlier in the week, that He would give her the desire to attend regularly.  "Of course," I answered--my spirits lifted that God had answered. I knew I wasn't contagious, so I could attend church, but the headache and dizziness wouldn't go away.  

Sunday morning, I chose the elevator rather than the stairs, as my granddaughter excitedly scurried off to her class. At the piano I played to set the atmosphere for worship and paused to ask for prayer for my health.  Prayer works!  Upon entering the sanctuary the music drew me into a spirit of awe and worship.  The atmosphere was celestial with the golden lights glowing near the ceiling. The pastor began, "Why do we come to church?  

I'm so glad and thankful God had other plans for me on Sunday and allowed me to walk alongside my granddaughter.  I was encouraged and comforted by the whole worship experience.  Let's make every effort to be faithful to attend regularly and to  invite someone else along. God will bless us for our obedience.