April 7, 2016

Read Nehemiah 9:38-10:39
It seems that we’re always having to sign one form or another. A tax return. A check. A credit card receipt. My signature is my promise to make good on the document. It is my promise to follow through on my agreements. I remember the first car my new husband and I bought. He was a nervous wreck! The immense responsibility of his new role as a husband was heavy, but now there were going to be car payments to be made. Signing his name was a very somber action.
I bet those leaders, Levites, and priests could identify with his anxiety. But, they weren’t signing a purchase agreement. They were signing a covenant agreement with the God of their fathers. The same God Who had led His people out of slavery, then centuries later, sent them back into captivity. Now He had rescued them again. They were determined to follow His ways this time.
Revival was granted to those sons of Israel and of Levi. Do we hunger and thirst after the blessing of our covenant-keeping God? When we determine to honor His name and to keep His ways, perhaps revival will be granted to us, too.