April 5, 2017

Read Isaiah 43

Recently I went an entire week without hearing my name. It’s not like I had become a recluse; it’s just that no one called me by name. And this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Sure, I’ll be called “Mom” and referred to as my children’s mom or my husband’s wife. I’ll even be called my mother’s daughter. But there’s something about a given name.
To be honest, I like hearing my name. I suspect many of you can relate. I think we have a natural desire to be known. When someone calls us by name, it reminds us we are unique. Our names give us identity.
Obviously, God knows His own identity, but His names help us learn who He is. We have many names by which we can call God, and each one of them shows us an aspect of His character. How often do we specifically call on God by one of His names with the holy reverence He deserves? Do we speak His name casually?
Several times in Revelation, God is referred to the “Lord God Almighty,” and He refers to Himself as the Almighty. To get a better feel for what this title means, I looked up the definition of “almighty” on the website www.dictionary.com. The first entry says, “having unlimited power; omnipotent, as God.”
Do we really believe God has unlimited power? Do we remember that the Almighty is omnipotent? If we do, it changes everything, because anything will be possible.