April 24, 2015

Read:  John 14:6, Romans 12:1-2

As a young boy, my parents took me to church every week. I learned the Ten Commandments and that God held us accountable for our actions. I heard the name “Jesus,” but just considered it a name for God. 
Later my parents divorced, and through different circumstances and situations, I no longer went to church, nor had any influence from being around Christians. This is the way I lived until adulthood. I shunned any reference to God in my life. I felt that He was a judging God. This led to horrible nightmares and worry of death all the time. 
I met the woman I would marry at 23 years of age, and she reintroduced me to God through her life and actions. Her pastor challenged me to read the gospel of John. In my home, I opened the Bible and started reading. Immediately, the Holy Spirit started convicting me and doing a work in my life. John 14:6 and many other scriptures pointed me to Christ. This led to the surrender of my life to Christ. 
I began to grow steadily and am still growing daily in my relationship with Jesus Christ. He took me as I was and has changed me to a new creation. Romans 12:1-2 has become a life-long challenge. But it's not me, but Christ in me, doing this. Galatians 2:20 is one of my favorite verses, “I have been crucified with Christ; and I no longer live but Christ lives in me; the life I live, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me.” 
Every day I say, “Thank You” and “Amen” to my Savior Jesus.


Adoration: God is holy, mighty, gracious, and merciful. Spend time declaring your love for Him and expressing your thoughts of praise and worship.  

Confession: Ask God to search your heart and reveal any areas of unconfessed sin. Acknowledge these to the Lord and thank Him for His forgiveness.  

Thanksgiving: Express your thankfulness to God for the blessings He has given you. When we consider that we deserve punishment because of our sinfulness, and instead God gives to us His love and mercy, our only response should be one of thankfulness.  

Supplication: Petition God for growth in your desire to know and please Him.  Ask Him to give you a greater love and commitment to Him.  Ask Him for the grace to glorify Him in your life.  Intercede on behalf of your local church, other churches, evangelism and discipleship ministries and other concerns you may have.  Offer prayers for your activities for this day and any special concerns you might have.