April 22, 2015

Read: Lamentations 3:22-23

As we left the building Sunday night, I told my daughter, “The young lady who spoke in church tonight loves Jesus.”  “What do you mean?  How could you tell?” asked my daughter.  “It was real.”
People seek authenticity, transparency, and truth … though we often settle for far less, out of convenience.  The young lady’s testimony was not emotional (though she spoke of tears along the way), but it may have been the most compelling description of conversion I’ve ever heard.  Natural curiosity led her to ask questions.  Someone took the time – led by the Spirit – to answer her questions.  And now, she knows, loves, and trusts Jesus with all her heart!  Amen!!
Since Sunday night, I’ve found myself encouraged, challenged, and, honestly, a little ashamed.

  • Encouraged by God’s great love and redemption at work in our community.
  • Challenged by the young man who chooses to go out of his way to build relationships with people for the sole purpose of telling them about Jesus
  • And, ashamed that I have not befriended that colleague more deeply or invested my “free time” in activities to intentionally advance His call of salvation. 

So, instead of becoming mired in my shame – which the enemy would prefer – I will confess my sins of omission, take advantage of honest moments with colleagues, and make that long-overdue call to the ministry office.  “… His compassions never fail.  They are new every morning.”
To God be the glory!


Adoration: God is holy, mighty, gracious, and merciful. Spend time declaring your love for Him and expressing your thoughts of praise and worship.  

Confession: Ask God to search your heart and reveal any areas of unconfessed sin. Acknowledge these to the Lord and thank Him for His forgiveness.  

Thanksgiving: Express your thankfulness to God for the blessings He has given you. When we consider that we deserve punishment because of our sinfulness, and instead God gives to us His love and mercy, our only response should be one of thankfulness.  

Supplication: Petition God for growth in your character and personal discipline, and for physical health and strength.  Ask for Him to empower you for spiritual warfare against the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil.  Ask for help regarding your activities of the day and other concerns you have.  Intercede for the poor and hungry, the oppressed and persecuted, and those in control of world resources.  Offer prayers for peace among the nations and current events and concerns.