April 18, 2017

Read Revelation 1:4-6

Years ago, a feral cat roamed our neighborhood. My compassionate daughter longed to adopt him as part of our family. The poor thing was scarred and missing an ear, indicating a lifetime on the streets. Not understanding the love he would experience as a house cat, he made it clear he wanted no contact with humans. My daughter persisted, however, and soon he would take food from her hand.
One day, she tearfully told me the stray had a gaping wound on his shoulder. I followed her outside with a bottle of peroxide, not sure I would get to use it. We spent considerable time getting close, then while she distracted him with food, I snuck up behind him and poured peroxide over his sore. That cat whirled around to flee, then settled down when the peroxide began to bubble. I think he realized we were trying to help.
Within days he allowed us to hold him and doctor his wound. Then he began venturing indoors to eat with our cats. Eventually, he would cuddle up in our laps, sounding the loudest purr I have ever heard. He finally understood our love for him.
We, too, were wild without Christ and wounded by sin. Yet he loved us enough that He offered an even greater sacrifice for us than His time. He gave up His life for us. Through what He did at Calvary, we can sit contentedly in His presence.
Do you know how much Jesus loves you?