April 17, 2015

Read:  John 3:16, Romans 8:28

I grew up in a Christian home. Yet someone close to us began molesting me about the time I started school. Even with childhood innocence, I knew what he was doing was wrong, yet I was powerless to stop it. I walked around with a hole in my heart and fear in my gut, afraid that God would strike me dead if I confessed what was being done to me.
One Sunday our preacher spoke on forgiveness of sin and the need of a Savior. He said God loves us and desires that no one perish. My stomach churned, and I longed to be free from the secret I carried. I felt dirty and used inside. But I was afraid, so I did nothing.
I kept thinking about what the pastor said, and was soon ready to take a chance. Still scared God would strike me dead, I knelt alone in my room. I told God my secret, as if He didn’t already know. I told Him that, apart from the abuse, I had done plenty of other things wrong. I was a sinner. I asked Him to forgive me and make me a new person, to live inside of me and take control. Immediately the weight of my burden lifted. I told my parents everything, and the abuse stopped.

Since that day decades ago, God had proven Himself to be faithful over and over again. I know that He reveals Himself to those who seek Him. Life is not always easy, and times get tough, but I have the steady assurance that I will never again be alone. God is loving, and God is good. I am not even close to perfect, but I have a Savior who is, and that has made all the difference in the world.


Adoration: God is holy, mighty, gracious, and merciful. Spend time declaring your love for Him and expressing your thoughts of praise and worship.  

Confession: Ask God to search your heart and reveal any areas of unconfessed sin. Acknowledge these to the Lord and thank Him for His forgiveness.  

Thanksgiving: Express your thankfulness to God for the blessings He has given you. When we consider that we deserve punishment because of our sinfulness, and instead God gives to us His love and mercy, our only response should be one of thankfulness.  

Supplication: Petition God for growth in your compassion and love toward others.  Offer prayers for your loved ones and others who do not know Jesus and for those in need.  Ask God to use you to tell others about Him and show His love. Offer prayers concerning your activities for this day and any special concerns you have.