Seen by some as a luxurious tropical getaway spot, the small country of Belize is much more than beaches, resorts and blue lagoons. If you travel outside of the hopping vacation centers, you won't have to go far before you encounter the less popular, poor, weathered and neglected side of Belize. As with many other Central-American countries, the tourism sector of Belize is not sufficient to power a thriving economy for the entire country. The vast majority of Belizians make a living through traditional farming or the selling of goods and services. But with an unemployment of over 60%, there are many who are left to fend for themselves to make ends meet. 

As a church, we believe God has called us to reach the people of Belize. Over the last few years we've seen the Lord place strategic partners in our path that will provide the connection we need to spread the Gospel there. The GBC Advancing Committee, as well as Pastor Charles and our pastoral staff, have embraced this poor country as a target for Gospel ministry that we feel our church is equipped to carry out.

Take a look at our latest project!

In October of 2018 we began construction on a clothing store at The Crossing in Hope Creek, right outside of Dangriga. This store will be an outlet to sell new or gently-used items that are donated by our church and other partners. It will provide jobs and give continual opportunities to build relationships and share the Gospel.

How can you get involved?


Commit yourself to interceding on behalf of the people and workers in Belize. Ask the Lord to make clear the path before us and begin softening hearts to receive the good news of the Gospel.

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Join our prayer list - we will send periodic emails with updates on the work in Belize.



Donate your time & talents - You can be involved in mission work from right here at home! We have ideas, plans and strategies that include work that needs to be done right here in Germantown. We need owners who will take some of these ideas and commit to working them out to completion. Email us if you are interested in this. 

Donate monetarily through LGMO - our "Local & Global Missions Outreach" fund is a place to donate funds that will go 100% to the missions programs of GBC. Click here to give online. 

Clothes Closet Opportunities

  • Ongoing volunteers to help sort, fold, and pack clothes for shipment to Belize.
  • Clothing donations Click here to view the donation list.
  • Donations of plastic bins to ship clothes in.
  • We need a storage bin/shipping container for storage of the clothes that are ready for shipment to Belize.

To volunteer or receive more information, email Steve Young


YES! We want everyone to GO to Belize! The great part about this small country is that it's only about half a day's flight, they are english speaking, and we have comfortable accommodations available to us. We will be planning multiple trips in the 2018-19 year and are looking for those gifted in not only evangelism and discipleship, but people with construction skills, medical skills and sports/entertainment ideas will be needed for our upcoming trips. 

Mission Trip Opportunities

  • Preparation for a medical/dental mission trip that will go each spring and fall. If you have a medical background or are interested in assisting with a medical trip, then let us know.
  • Preparations are being made for a sports ministry mission trip. Let us know if you are interested.
  • Monthly, we need a small group to travel to Belize and work in the “Twice as Nice” clothing store. It will be a 3-4 day trip.
  • Our ultimate mission goal in Belize is disciple-making. There are many opportunities to focus mission efforts here through teaching, evangelism, and prayer walking. Please let us know if you are interested in assisting in these areas in Belize.

To volunteer or receive more information, email Steve Young