Costa Day 1 update

Two flights, five hours, and two albums of music later we have arrived in Costa Rica.  

May 11 AM, completely sleep deprived (because most of us decided to NOT sleep on the plane)  we were excitedly greeted by a team of La Montaña interns who welcomed us with open arms. After consuming our first authentic Costa Rican meal consisting of beans alongside arroz con pollo, touring the campus, which includes a ropes course, blob, basketball court, and waterslide. We began to feel acclimated to this place God has called us. 

Tomorrow, June 30, the real work begins. Our team of 15 has been split into four teams to sever in various areas throughout the camp. Our task will include anything from kitchen work to light landscaping. As we are still becoming oriented with this new environment, we ask that you will pray that God's unifying love will surpass language cultural barriers, and we as a team would grow closer together, as we draw near to our Father. Please pray for the staff and interns here at La Montaña, and for the renewed energy form them and our team. 

- Emily Carney & Anna May