A Beautiful Life

In living His life, Jesus not only modelled beauty but He set the standard for interpreting and understanding beauty. As God’s children, we are invited to participate in Jesus’ life. We do this as part of His Kingdom where His rule is supreme. In His Kingdom, beauty can be displayed through our lives even in the when we confront chaos and stress. We do this by giving expression to the glory of God by allowing the power and peacefulness of His presence to be revealed through our lives.

Life today is quite full for most people. Many hear about the Kingdom of God and think, “Nice idea, but my life outside of the church has little room to make it a priority.” While understanding the Kingdom of God is good, we also need to think practically about how our lives can be ordered so that we can actually experience His Kingdom in spite of the crazy busy world in which we live. If we do this, we will be living a truly beautiful life.