Examining Islam Through the Lens of Biblical Truth

I Am The Gospel.

Beyond Belief

Too many believers today believe the right things about Jesus, but they have little more than their belief system. To them, life with Christ is primarily about what they understand in their heads. But there is more than simple belief – there is life experience that applies that belief. Jesus came to set people free to live, not just believe. He came to offer possibilities beyond our human abilities, not just settle for what we have now. He is a guarantee that any situation is transformable. He came to provide an experience that is beyond what you can imagine. He came to ensure that we can practically lay hold of what our faith can see.


In Luke 6:17-49, Jesus explains what it means to follow him. Today we refer to this as discipleship. However, Jesus does not highlight any of the typical modern themes that we often associate with discipleship—Bible study, scripture memorization, quiet time, reading books, going to church, worship, etc. Instead, Jesus explains how following him impacts how we deal with the relational stuff that we face every day. Everyday life can be messy! Jesus wants to enter our messes and infuse them with order and meaning that display His character. In other words, there is a convergence of elements in our disorderly world with the supernatural declarations of Christ. Believers can experience everything the Bible says is ours to claim and live for the glory of God, regardless of how challenging our situations may appear.