When Where Gender
Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. The CORE Aerobic Room Co-ed

Don Dennis, Instructor

This program is geared toward women and the situations that would be unique to women; however, men are more than welcome and could benefit from this training as well.

Classes last one hour on average and are engaging and informative. Information that will be covered include:

  • situational awareness
  • vehicle and home safety
  • techniques designed for women to help escape an attacker and run to safety

Training is continual, with past lessons and techniques revisited as needed.

Women feel energized and empowered at the end of the class, but more importantly, they will also be armed with very effective information and techniques to keep them safe in the real world.

Class Costs:

$4 per class. 

For more information on these classes contact Fonda Fracchia at 901.260.5782 or email at ffracchia@germantownbaptist.org.